Friday Night Vibes: The “Drake Just Gets Us” Edition


Truth be told; we all love Drizzy.  

Following the Saturday, March, 18 release of his highly anticipated, More Life playlist; Drake’s name has been at the tip of everyone’s lips. The Toronto rapper labeled this “not an album but an album” a playlist, (or as he so eloquently describes a “body of work”) as he hoped to “bridge the gap between major releases”, while giving the people a collection of songs that [will ultimately] become the soundtrack to their lives *throws several flame emojis on that right there*.

The 22-track More Life nods several melodic influences from Dancehall (ahem, the title alone is Jamaican slang), to House (the Jersey girl inside all of us knows how essential House music is to LIFE) to Pop to Trap (he did it for the culture with features from Quavo of The Migos, Thugger, Travis Scott, and 2 Chainz). Likewise, Drizzy had us all heading to Google for info on British Grime artists’ Giggs and Skepta, while questioning the meaning of Blem. And on a personal note, my eyes did a take from Jim Carrey’s The Mask, following first listen of the Kanye accompanied track “Glow”. So yea, needless to say, if you aren’t streaming this album, you’re losing. Pero dassit.

However, long before More Life, Drake had us. Okay, so we know he’s fine. But, looks aside, Drake is the rap game’s amphibian; possessing the lyrical bravado of a pimp from Down South, wit, nerdiness and charm at the same damn time. Drake’s relatable, often Instagram caption quote worthy, lyrics paired with his slightly off-tune croons manage to make us all feel a ways – on purpose.

Because of this, the Homegirls want to give our favorite light skin props via this week’s edition of Friday Night Vibes. While we don’t intend for this to become the soundtrack to your life; we at least want it to become the soundtrack to your weekend. So grab your headphones (along with a pen and paper, in case you need to step-up your caption game), fill your “Drake Tears” mug with some drank, and relive your So Far Gone college days as you take a listen to our ode to the 6 God.

You can thank us now – or later. ❤



**For the ear-friendly, clean version of this playlist, click here**

Insecure GIF Credit: Tumblr 
Drake GIF Credit: AubreyGifs



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