Friday Night Vibes: Ladies’ Night, 90’s Edition

As we head into the first weekend of March, what better way for the homegirls’ to introduce ourselves, and kick our way into Women’s History Month than with a little help from an infectious beat and killer 90’s lyrics. So what’s the scenario? It’s Friday night and you’re primping for ladies’ night with your mains, yet you’re struggling to find the perfect pre turnup playlist, sans the ratchet that you’re bound to hear all night. Well, struggle no more. Your melodic prayers have been answered by The Homegirl Clique.

But, before we dive into goods, allow me to introduce myself. The Homegirl Clique was created for the girls that like to kick it. The certified cool gal that grinds by day and lives by night. This exclusive girl-squad-blog speaks to all things we love; from culture to music, to entertainment and fashion – this homegirl has got your back. And on occasion, we’ll dish out advice and drop Khalid style gems.

Now that we’ve become acquainted, let’s get back into this playlist. This all-female blend of throwback R&B and Hip-Hop tracks from the 90’s will leave you in your bag. Featuring music from the “pit bull in a skirt” Eve, empowering female anthems courtesy of TLC, Whitney, and Lauryn alongside hits from the little one named Kim, and her nemesis Foxy. For all my 80’s babies turned 90’s kids, this playlist will surely rev the nostalgia and result in a little singing into a hairbrush.

Pull out your best body roll and Bankhead Bounce because, without further ado, The Homegirl Clique Presents: Ladies’ Night – 90’s Edition. Enjoy. xo, D.


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