Friday Night Vibes: The “Drake Just Gets Us” Edition


Truth be told; we all love Drizzy.  

Following the Saturday, March, 18 release of his highly anticipated, More Life playlist; Drake’s name has been at the tip of everyone’s lips. The Toronto rapper labeled this “not an album but an album” a playlist, (or as he so eloquently describes a “body of work”) as he hoped to “bridge the gap between major releases”, while giving the people a collection of songs that [will ultimately] become the soundtrack to their lives *throws several flame emojis on that right there*.

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BEING TRANSPARENT: My Tale of Being Laid-Off & How I’m Allowing it to Change My Life for the Better

From laid off to LIFE . . .pending. . .

From Trump being named President, to the loss of several pop culture icons, to Mariah Carey’s 30-something-minutes left till the New Year onstage meltdown; 2016 was undoubtedly deemed by millennials and the like, as the year of the grim reaper. While my story is lesser known, I like many commoners, was too a victim of the grim reaper’s scythe.

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Friday Night Vibes: Ladies’ Night, 90’s Edition

As we head into the first weekend of March, what better way for the homegirls’ to introduce ourselves, and kick our way into Women’s History Month than with a little help from an infectious beat and killer 90’s lyrics. So what’s the scenario? It’s Friday night and you’re primping for ladies’ night with your mains, yet you’re struggling to find the perfect pre turnup playlist, sans the ratchet that you’re bound to hear all night. Well, struggle no more. Your melodic prayers have been answered by The Homegirl Clique.

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